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"How To Memorize Everything For School" - E-book Digital Download


"How To Memorize Everything For School" - E-book Digital Download

This book teaches ancient Greek and Roman methods of mnemonic tools to enable a student to do well in school.

Mnemonics are a system of encoding to aid memory recall. These same techniques have been used to perform the most impressive memory feats in history at the International Memory Championships, where adult players memorize stacks of playing cards, facts, book contents, and other memory feats.

This book will make school and learning exponentially faster. Passing tests becomes incredibly simple. Learning is remembering, and remembering is memorization.

Your memory skill will improve greatly after reading this book. It has been condensed, and the author has eliminated much of the unrelated material that is found in other memory books.

Here are the table of contents.

1 Introduction to Memory

2 The Image Linking System

3 The Peg System

4 The Peg System Demonstrated

5 The Roman Room System

6 The Phonetic Peg System

7 Image Linking for Learning Language

8 Image Linking for the Bible and History

9 Image linking for Miscellaneous

10 Medicine, Law, Physics, Reading, Speeches, and your Subconscious

Learn by playing the "Reminds Me of Game" Derek invented to increase the effectiveness of mnemonic images.

Derek has used mnemonics to achieve two Bachelors degrees, the first in the Arts, the second in Science of Accountancy.

This book should be the first book taught in every school or college. If you want to learn how to learn, which is the obvious first choice for any adult student or child, this is the book you need.

This book makes memorization "studying" a game. Rote repetition is not used.

(36 pages)

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The BEST, most compact book ever written to master memory.

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"How To Memorize Everything For School" - E-book Digital Download

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